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Web Design lack of talent, pay freezes Taiwan next topic Web Design The survey was commissioned by the European Chamber of Commerce Michael Page advisory body for more than 400 large enterprises in Taiwan employers in the job market survey showed, web design Sixty-nine percent of the respondents companies Taiwan professionals think the next year will continue the relocation fifty-eight percent think Taiwan is a lack of professional manpower, up to eighty percent think the next year Taiwan’s job market will worsen or remain the same web design .

Web Design When asked Taiwanese people walked out of where? Liucheng seven considered to China, 19 percent to Hong Kong, Singapore into a web design .

Web Design in Taiwan multinationals talent shortage web design chief executive of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hefei Yi (Freddie Hoeglund) that in the past two decades, a large number of Taiwan’s industry moved to China, but also the talent with the past, web design multinational companies would offer a well-paid professional human poaching of course, one of the reasons, and the Chinese market is the most convenient location web design .

Web design Hefei Yi said that Taiwan professional manpower shortage is not due to poor quality of personnel, on the contrary. Taiwanese multinational evaluation of manpower is quite good, web design includes a high level of education, loyalty enough, serious. In fact, just enough loyalty this point, it will make Taiwan more serious manpower shortage, due to the Chinese, in the short term will not easily movement in web design . Web design survey pointed out that most recruiters are thirsty retail and technology sector; as for the financial sector, the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan is considered a relatively depressed industry, web design and poor financial market conditions over the past year, big banks take the initiative to layoffs, high-end talent did not dare to movement and therefore lack of manpower situation is less serious web design .

Web Design , who led the investigation of Michael Page Director Peirui Taiwan Billiton (Chris Preston) also said that the past two decades, Taiwan’s industrial hollowing (hollowing out) is really a professional brain drain (brain-drain) the main reason. Web design , he said, just last year, GDP data from China magnet can see how much power the Taiwan talent web design , China announced last year GDP growth of just seven. Eight percent, although as in previous years, but still higher than last year, about one in Taiwan. One percent higher than a lot of web design . Web design but also pointed out that the European Chamber of Commerce in China, Taiwan, working people, recently asked to return to Taiwan to increase the number of jobs, in addition to the reasons to stay in China for some time, web design appear willingness to return to Taiwan, while China is the economy began to slow down. But now just stop asking phase, yet significant human reflux web design .

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