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Google has previously Taiwan’s application for YouTube content to do a lot of introduction, and this is the general partner for all types of users, small and medium enterprises and other end, and even large enterprises the corresponding web video advertising and marketing applications for illustration, as described the center of gravity is placed at the end of 2010 launched the TrueView video ad tools.

Provide lower threshold advertising model

On the last video advertising content marketing , in fact, most of the focus on TV or internet, but advertising time based competition, the price of most expensive investment, and the current sustained growth and development, such as YouTube web video platform point of view, many manufacturers will probably turn or simultaneously choose to put video ad content network platform, or with the combination of audio and video content for marketing, for example, was previously included Luo, Rainie by other artists or promote its YouTube channel MV live live broadcast, etc., and CTV or TVBS were also respectively cooperate with YouTube audio and video content channel, whereby the marketing of its television content, and with ad impressions profit splitting mechanism.

And compared to TV advertising marketing takes for results obtained with the actual cost, network video platforms appear to be more likely to invest, while Keyihuode more accurate marketing effect, for some small and medium enterprises or self-employed in terms of cost and easier to small content exposure, and even utility allows to obtain advertising content dismantle parts of the profits, but also for brand marketing easier and pluralism, such as Heineken and it has worked before YouTube interactive video ads, including family Mart, Samsung and Taiwan Zespri Singular If so has established its own brand channel in YouTube, to marketing its products and brand content.

tracking device

GPS tracker , called global satellite positioning system, referred to as ( tracker ), GPS tracker receives 24 satellites from Earth orbit, Tracker triangulation, precise location tracking of people and vehicles exact location of the object.

Tracker combined with the cloud technology, the use of mobile devices such as iPad or iPhone connected to the 3G mobile network, Google Street Maps can instantly track the location of people and vehicles.

Tracking can be set electronic fences, electronic fences to leave when the tracker, send instant text message notification.

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