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The world’s largest Internet search engine ─Google companies (Google Inc.) said it has acquired to help businesses network marketing commodities social media startup Wildfire Interactive (Wildfire InteractiveInc.).

Because the purchase price is not open to the public, two sources requesting anonymity said, Google will pay about $ 250 million plus performance bonuses to buy headquartered in Redwood City, California wildfires. Google spokesman Kim Hill (Rob Shilkin) declined to comment. Inc. and other companies also continue to acquire social media marketing expertise with a new record company, want to get a larger advertising budget to reach parts of the web to interact with consumers. Google Social Media Google+ to pay a lot of effort, launched last year, Google+ is straight to the world’s largest social networking site Facebook to.

Google yesterday in the blog posted an article about the wildfires, the paper said: “This is to let corporate brand management pages, apps, tweets, videos, sponsors, advertising, promotions and other platforms at a local processing All things have a better, fresher content and more meaningful interaction is our ultimate goal. “(Translation: CNA Chen Yu Ting)

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